Online gambling has been part of Ireland’s gaming culture since 2003. The actual licensed bookmaking sites were known to the public in 2004. The winnings in Ireland are free of tax, but 2% tax is taken from all sports bets. The National Lottery in Ireland started to offer online draw and instant win games in 2009. Most online gambling here is done at offshore gaming sites because of the improved tax structures. Also, there are no tax revenues that go to consumer protections under the Irish law.

The Betting Bill in 2012 was published in Ireland as a framework to amend the Betting Act of 1931. This latest Bill stipulates that an Irish betting license has to be obtained by the bookmaker. Bookmakers accept bets from Irish citizens, so there has to be a legal basis to it.

Ireland is based on rural means of livelihood such as providing services and farming. Because of this, popular gambling is concentrated on sports betting in local betting spots on high streets. Traditional offline casino gambling is usually prolific in urban areas of the country. They are not easily accessible. For years, sports betting in Ireland has been focused on horseracing. Football is now starting to catch up. Also, greyhound racing is now making a smooth comeback in the sports gambling arena.

Because of the many benefits of online casino gambling, many Irish gamblers choose it over the traditional gaming platforms. Unlike the offline gambling games, online casino gambling can be done using a mobile phone, a laptop, or a tablet. It’s just a matter of having an Internet connection.

With Irish online casinos, you get the following advantages:

  • Gaming test-drives. Online casino games do not force you to play with real money. You can just choose to download the game or play it at its site.
  • Quit anytime. With online games, you can choose to leave at any given time. Perhaps you need to go somewhere or do something after a while. Just move away from your device and you can accomplish your tasks.
  • Game history recording. Online casino games record your gaming history. Even if you have a sudden power outage, you don’t have to worry about your score or winnings. These reliable online casino games make sure that you can continue from where you left off.
  • Several gamers at the same time. You can make online casino games in Ireland by having more players in your game. Family members or friends can easily become allies in your chosen casino game.
  • Withdraw winnings anytime. Unlike traditional casinos, Irish online casino games do not need your personal information when you withdraw your winnings, as long as it is according to the house rules.

Irish gamblers like you deserve better opportunities to win. Online casino gambling in Ireland is getting bigger and you can get more benefits from it.