Formerly Sweden’s and Russia’s territory, the Republic of Finland has an online gaming industry, monopolized by the government. This has been going on before the onset of World War II.  This government monopoly still stands, even with the latest online gambling innovations. This just goes to show that Finland does not intend to change this in the immediate future.

Finland has embraced online gambling since 1996. While others privatized the online gambling industry, the Finnish government transformed it into one of its sanctioned monopolies. Because of this , online casinos in Finland are not that abundant. In fact, only RAY, Fintoto Oy, and PAF are the main operators of Finland’s online casinos. The only payment method used in Finland’s online casinos is Ukash.

Even if there are only three casino operators in Finland, online gaming is very popular here. The prolific gamblers are accustomed to the government’s monopoly of the industry. RAY is responsible for slots, table games, and the national lottery. Fintoto Oy handles horse racing and sports betting. PAF is the overseer of all gambling activities in the Aland islands.

The money, generated by all gambling in Finland actually go to social welfare programs and health programs. Studies show that at least 40% of Finnish gamble every week. This is a large percentage, perhaps because it benefits the country itself.

Finland’s prolific gamblers have already discovered the advantages of online gaming:

  1. Convenient gaming. Online casinos are very convenient. All you need to secure in your space is a smooth Internet connection and you’re all set. You can easily access your favorite casino games without any delay. You don’t even have to worry about having enough cash when you play. You just have to use Ukash to handle any payments.
  2. Anonymity and security. In online gaming, you don’t have to share your personal details at all. This translates to security and safety. In offline gambling, you have to share this information. Because you are technically anonymous in online gaming casinos, you don’t have to deal with lurking stalkers or weird characters, who could take your winnings. You just withdraw online and your money is transferred to you through the reliable money transfer systems.
  3. Diverse games. Online gaming in Finland also presents many game options for all players. Finland’s players also find this more entertaining than offline gaming. Here, you don’t have to play the same games repeatedly. You can choose from hundreds of casino games and themes—from beginner level games to expert level ones.
  4. Endless bonuses. It is always more enjoyable for online players to receive myriads of bonuses. Online games offer generous bonuses—welcome bonuses, promotional bonuses, and deposit bonuses are only some of the usual ones.

With its history of gaming, Finland’s gamers continue to enjoy the perks of online gaming. Check out the latest games or the most popular ones, so that you can have an idea of Finland’s online gaming culture.